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Vendor Certification Process

Lucyol is proud of its industry-recognized selection process, which is probably the most draconian in the localization industry and allows us to assign to our customer's projects the best and most specialized resources available in each particular area of IT and Telecom. Few localization vendors put as much effort as we do into this process, which is necessary because our customers entrust us with their most technical and sensitive translation projects.

  Proven translator selection process

We accept only highly specialized and professional translators, who can meet the highest quality standards. The following criteria are fundamental:
  • In-country native speakers (translators offering more than one target language are simply excluded from our selection process)
  • Flawless command of the target language (we are extremely demanding and we only accept perfection in this area)
  • Excellent command of source language
  • Proven track-record in IT translation (at least 3 years experience)
  • Proven technical expertise and background in one or more areas of IT (such as databases, programming languages, security, hardware, networking, etc.) and/or Telecom
  • Excellent command of one or more translation memory tools, including Trados®
  • Unconditional commitment to quality and deadlines
As a second step, applicants who meet the above criteria undergo a very strict selection process. Fewer than 5% of the freelance translators who complete our tests are added to our database, which is probably the lowest proportion in the localization industry (the remaining 95% continue working - but for less demanding localization providers). In addition, these "chosen few" work in different specialist fields, which explains why, unlike most of our competitors, we do not claim to have a database of "thousands of translators". Our translators are chosen because they actually understand what they are translating - and that's the main difference. For most of our competitors, the need to optimize the use of resources means that it is not unusual for one of their translators to work on a medical document on Monday, a legal document on Tuesday and an IT document on Wednesday.

  Dedicated teams

When a customer chooses to entrust us with long-term projects, we set up a dedicated team of highly product-specialized and experienced translators. They are carefully selected based on their track record on similar projects and on their particular technical skills and expertise on the customer's specific products. Naturally, this additional selection process supplements, rather than replaces the standard vendor selection program described above. Additionally, customers may even approve each translator if they so desire. Once the team has been set up, they are assigned to all projects for this customer, which ensures perfect consistency throughout the project and from one project to another, and also perfect knowledge of all requirements and particularities of the customer. This is how we manage to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

  Continuous assessment process - Lucyol certification

As a third major step in our resource management policy, all translators assigned to our customers' projects undergo a continuous assessment process. This evaluation takes QA results into account, granting Lucyol-certified status to our best resources, who are then assigned to our most demanding customers and our most technical projects. To be eligible for Lucyol's preferred vendor status, translators must continuously meet or exceed our quality standards, on all projects they are entrusted with.

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